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Lunch Dance Parties Put a New Spin on Work Breaks

Posted: August 3, 2012 at 11:03 am
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A European dance craze has hit our shores. Lunch Beat is a daytime dance party for office workers who need to let off some steam. It’s the underground, viral brainchild of a 28-year-old Swedish “concept developer,” and it’s been written up on Slate, NPR, and Wired UK and by none other than Oprah.

After making its way from Sweden to Ireland, Germany, Budapest, and Seoul, Lunch Beat has found its groove in historic Philadelphia at The Painted Bride Art Center. The Bride’s using Lunch Beat to “connect with our community in new ways,” said Siobhan Groves, the Bride’s audience services and rentals manager. “We can offer local companies a venue for de-stressing and energizing their workforces.”

I can’t describe how decadently good for you Lunch Beat is. Ten minutes after joining the dancing throngs in front of a techno screen, I shed any irritation, body cricks and brain clogs. I returned rewired for the afternoon’s work.

That’s the point of Lunch Beat. It’s a new spin on an old tune. Work breaks energize us and improve our productivity and overall health.

The Bride’s next Lunch Beat dance party’s on August 29. Not in Philly? Pick up the beat and host a dance break in your office with the help of Lunch Beat’s Manifesto.


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