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American Heart Association Gets Employees Moving with Hotseat

Posted: February 22, 2013 at 1:59 pm
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The American Heart Association puts employees and their friends and family in the Hotseat this spring.

Hotseat is delighted to announce our first client launch is with the American Heart Association (AHA). This March, AHA will invite its employees and as many as five guests outside of work to get on up!

Registered players will easily work two-minute activity breaks into their day with the help of Hotseat’s nudges and game play. They can use Hotseat to complete solo activity breaks and to kick off and join theme-based challenges with co-workers, family and friends. They’ll chart their progress—whether that’s increasing their average activity minutes or squashing challenge opponents—on their profile and Hotseat’s leaderboard.  AHA will review progress too, using a company-specific dashboard to see who’s using Hotseat, based on participation by age, gender, activity level and role (employee or guest).

AHA plans to use a number of Hotseat’s ready-to-use communications to make launch effective and efficient. AHA employees will learn of Hotseat and how it turns short breaks into meaningful activity through a registration website, marketing video, emails and print materials.

The American Heart Association (AHA) is keenly focused on the need to increase daily activity level, whether that’s sustained moderate to vigorous physical activity or routine activity. This focus led them to Hotseat to find out how our “anytime, anywhere” approach to wellness could support their mission.




One response to “American Heart Association Gets Employees Moving with Hotseat”

  1. Stephanie H says:

    I recently heard of Hotseat and found this article through a Google search. I’d love to try this app, as I find myself after long stretches of sitting at my desk without moving. My back and shoulders are very stiff and sore some days. I work at Boston University, not AHA, but would love to download this app, if it’s available.

    Thank you!
    November 12, 2014

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