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Human Resource Executive Online References Hotseat as Game for Work

Posted: July 17, 2012 at 10:06 pm
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Human Resource Executive explores why games are catching on in corporate America. In their article “Playing Games at Work,” author Carol Harnett discusses the effectiveness of delivering games via mobile apps, defines six principles that make an effective mobile health application and then holds up Hotseat as an example.

Games at work are becoming increasingly “hot” in corporate America. Employers use them to help ease onboarding, improve sales, facilitate training, and now, increasingly, to encourage and motivate employees to take better care of their health. Five percent of companies said they plan to use online games, either multiplayer or individual, as part of their wellness initiative in 2012, according to the 17th Annual Towers Watson/National Business Group on Health Employer Survey on Purchasing Value in Health Care. Another 7% plan to do so in 2013. Roughly 56% use challenges and competitions to increase physical activity, according to the 2012 Technology + Employee Wellness Survey. (Disclaimer: This study was conducted by context, the company behind Hotseat, in partnership with ShapeUp.)

This article asks leaders at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Towers Watson and H Engage what games work—at work.

Read the article.

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