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MobiHealthNews Calls Hotseat a “Game for Everyone”

Posted: December 6, 2012 at 3:20 pm
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MobiHealthNews reviewed the state of health games after visiting the Games for Health pavilion at the 2012 mHealth Summit. One game they called out for attention? Hotseat.

We’re delighted that Jonah Comstock of MobiHealthNews found Hotseat to be a “game for everyone.”

“Another game in that space is Hotseat, which uses social motivation—users sharing and challenging other users—to get office workers to engage in [a] mini-activity during 2-minute work breaks. Workers choose from a dropdown menu with everything from “walking” to “Gangham Style” and the app will alert them to break and do their chosen activity or activities throughout the day.”

Read the complete article.

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