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Technically Philly Tells Folks to Get On Up

Posted: July 19, 2012 at 8:28 pm
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Hotseat’s been getting a lot of attention lately. Workforce, Disruptive Women, Human Resource Executive and now Technically Philly have featured Hotseat as a tool to help turn short work breaks into meaningful activity.

Technically Philly features news about startups, venture capital, social media, web design and development. Basically, anything and everything related to technology in the Philadelphia region.

Hotseat came to Technically Philly’s attention, and they reached out to find out why we need short breaks and how Hotseat is different from other tools. The timing of their piece couldn’t have been more perfect. It ran a few days after articles in the Washington Post,  Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal and other media outlets shared findings from a study published in BMJ Open that discovered sitting for more than three hours per day shaves two years off of our lives.

Hotseat’s designed to make work breaks simple, social and short, appealing to busy people and to employers, with their eyes on productivity, profitability and customer service.

Read the article.

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