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Harvard Business Review Blogger Writes of Finding Exercise in Life’s Margins

Posted: June 3, 2012 at 5:57 pm
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Finding time to exercise is consistently cited as one of the biggest barriers to squeezing activity into an already squeezed schedule. That’s why more researchers, coaches and studies are focusing on short exercise breaks.

In this HBR blog, Nick Crocker, the founder of a personal-coaching program that helps people lead more active lives, advises setting our sights a little lower when it comes to how and when and for how long we exercise. As he says, “Exercise has no lower limit. Every bit counts. But setting the bar too high is a recipe for consistent failure. Your exercise goal this week should be your current average minutes of exercise per week plus five. Next week’s goal should be to add five more.”

We stand by Crocker’s advice. Hotseat fits into life’s margins, slotting exercise breaks—two minutes here and two minutes there—until they ultimately add up to meaningful activity.

Read the article.

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